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Deepbluemedia is the European answer to a global request of communication. We have a very good knowledge of the aquatic world and we are expanding towards other fields of expertise. We have the first in Europe to Webcast International Competition, receiving praises for all over the World. Our chief photographer, Giorgio Scala, has more than 25 years of experience in the Pools Environment. Francesco Allori is the Logistic manager, coming from Torino Winter Olympics 2006, where he was Venue Manager. The webmaster, Giampiero Cacciolatti, is able to develop highly effective websites using the most diffused and readable languages coupled with very high personal skills. Many professionals contribute to our success, and we share with them our enthusiasm and our databanks. Deepbluemedia is based in Rome, Italy, but follows the main events all over Europe and the World.


Deepbluemedia s.a.s.
di Giorgio Scala

Via D'Achiardi 23 - 00158 Rome - Italy
P.I.: 09491291002


+39 06 41793123

About us